showroom one o one

Located in the iconic fashion district, Opera, Cour Carrée du Louvre, Jardin des Tuileries, showroom One O One has a space of 180 square meters facilities.

Showroom One O One is a sales and distribution agency of clothing & accessories brands, founded by two professionals passionate with fashion respectively combining 20 years experience in this sector.

Showroom One O One is a no coincidence name. Indeed, this figure refers to the 101 French departments (including the French overseas departments DOM TOM), where the showroom aims to be present, to the delight of all the fashion addicted women.

Thanks to the originality and diversity of their choice of brands, Catherine and Helen were able to impose a heterogeneous universe which is now their strength. Their intuition and curiosity lead them to develop fashionable accessories and ready-to-wear clothes.

Showroom One O One's highly skilled team deliver constant monitoring and friendly interface between suppliers and customers. The human structure puts its expertise at your disposal and promotes values which are dear to its heart : Expertise with respect, listening and kindness.